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Option 1: $99.00 + GE Tax 

We will provide you with our information to display in your vacation rental. You can provide our information to your guests when you provide your directions to the unit. If an emergency arises, the information will instruct your guest to contact our company. This will help to make sure you are in compliance with law 204.

We will handle 1 emergency and do 1 inspection per month. This is a 50 point inspection of your unit. We will send you a report and pictures.  This is a great option for people looking to have a set of eyes and ears on the place.

Having a local contact like our company is like having an insurance policy on your vacation rental. We can help out in emergencies situations such as tsunamis and high winds when cleaners and local managers are to busy to give your investment the proper attention.

Supervision is something most housekeepers need. When the cat is away the mouse will play. 

‚ÄčOption 2: $149.00 + GE Tax

We will include all the benefits that are provided with option number 1 to make sure you are in compliance with the new state Law 204.

We will handle any and all emergencies and include 1 50 point inspection per month and leave a welcome gift.

We will also take all calls from your guests while they are on the Maui. You can instruct your guests to contact us for any reason while on Maui, not just for an  emergencies.

Guests are becoming use to having a local contact while visiting Maui. This is a great low cost option to accommodate these kinds of guests.

This is a great advertising benefit that can set you apart that you can include in your description when advertising on the various websites.

This option also eliminates any early morning or late night calls from your guests. Your cleaners also know someone is watching over your investment.

Option 3: $249.00 + GE Tax 

This is the best options for owners who want to provide a better than average experience to their guests. When choosing this option, you can ensure your guests and yourself the peace of mind that you both deserve.

We leave a welcome gift for your guests to start enjoying Maui and your condo upon arrival.

We handle all emergencies and non emergencies that your guest might have. We handle all phone calls from your guests during their stay.

 We also do an inspection after each of your guests. This is the best way to make sure your guests are treating your investment properly. This is also a good way to make sure your cleaners are not leaving your unit dirty until the following check in which may be days apart.

We will even call your cleaning service and discuss our findings with them. This is a full service option that we highly recommend for our private owners.