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  ​​We have a dedicated service agent and phone line just for this service. We understand you made a business decision when you purchased your vacation rental and want to provide the best service possible. We can be your second set of eyes on Maui. We will make sure the guest is impressed with the level of service you are providing them by using our services when issues arise.

Housekeepers and friends are a way to handle the requirements of Law 204 put into effect by the State of Hawaii. Smart and profitable owners see that this is not the best solution and are using a dedicated on-island contact service that provides service 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

 We can provide you with a completely personalized program to suit your needs as a property owner in Maui. Go ahead and contact us today.


Maui Sunset Owner: Thank you for leaving a welcome gift and letter. We are out of town and will look at your pictures better when we return.  Our cleaner is particular about most things being clean. I am a bit surprised at the things you have found to be dirty.  Thank you for checking on things for us. We also can't thank you enough for contacting our cleaner so we to discuss your findings with her while we are on vacation. 

​Sugar Beach Owner: I can't believe I had given my cleaner the wrong day to clean. If you would not have gone in and done your inspection we would have had guests show up to a dirty unit. You saved the day! Your service is well worth the money. Thank you for always answering your phones. I hope we can get together when we are in Maui.

Maui Kamaole Owner: Thank you for looking after our condo. I got to come to Maui and enjoy my place without having to do that much extra cleaning. Our housekeeper knows that you can come in after any check out and it keeps her on her toes. I will be telling other owners to stop wasting their money on other so called on island service people. I wasn't happy with the new law and your fees to start with. I can see why it is important to have someone like you and your company watching out for us.​​